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What is nanotechnology exactly? Well, it ensures the creation and utilization of materials, devices and systems through control of matter on the nanometer length scale, i.e. at the level of atoms, molecules and supramolecular structures. Microscopic analysis of stone surfaces reveals multiple interconnected pores that are prone to accumulating stains, leading to loss of gloss and natural appearance. Stains can damage pavements of stone, marble, granite, semiprecious stone. By using nanotechnology, the surfaces are protected against stains, and also are given oil and water resistence. Appearance remains unchanged and surfaces are granted the ability to reject oil-based stains.

The concept is simple but very effective in practice: nanoparticles, so ingeniously created to match the pore surfaces on which the product is applied, penetrates and covers pores that can absorb water and dirt. Adhesion is perfect and the protection very effective. After the product covers the surface of the water, fat or dirt will fail to penetrate the surface micro-pores due to the chemical structure of billions of nanoparticles combating the invading molecules. This provides protection against stains and easy cleaning, at the same time not, however, prevent its airing. Treated areas will retain their properties over time and will look like new longer. Subsequently, cleaning and maintenance effort will be very small, as cleaning will be required only every 6 months. In this way you save energy, money and time.

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“Solutiile si serviciile oferite de Maer au fost de cea mai buna calitate, Livrarea s-a facut la timp, fara intarzieri 


“Maer Group aduce cea mai înaltă calitate a pietrelor semiprețioase de pe piață. Maer produce aceste frumoase produse din 2009 și a revoluționat tehnologia si exceleaza în ceea ce face ca aceste plăci să arate așa cum fac astăzi.

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